We envision a food system that nourishes all people in our State.

You can help make healthy food available.

Many of our communities in South Carolina do not have access or financial resources to eat healthy foods on a daily basis. Location, age, income, and reliable transportation are some of the many barriers that prevent fresh produce from ever entering the home. Without healthy options, health risks increase.

Our mission is to promote food equity and support our neighbors in need and your donation can help us provide support for families, individuals who may be experiencing a temporary setback and are not able to afford the cost of a Fresh Food Box. 

65,000 residents, including nearly 15,000 children, in Richland County are food insecure.* 15% of South Carolina adults ages 60 and older have faced the threat of hunger in the past 12 months.**  With your help we can change that.

FoodShare South Carolina has the opportunity to make healthy eating easier for the parent who is working two jobs, the senior managing a fixed income, and the folks on the income margins who are just trying to make ends meet. We are fueled by the stories of our participants who are bringing their chronic illnesses like diabetes under control through the Fresh Food Box and the testimonies of our friends who are addressing life’s other barriers as their food access becomes secure. Your contribution would bring us one step closer to closing the gap in food and health inequity in South Carolina.

We invite you to share your kindness. Together, we can ensure that every South Carolinian has shared access to good healthy food.

Will you join us?


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