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COVID-19 Employee Emergency Relief Fund

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COVID-19 Employee Emergency Relief Fund

Across this campus, our faculty and staff members have been shining examples of the Gamecock spirit in recent weeks. Working together to navigate unprecedented challenges, they have responded with grace and tenacity to ensure we continue to uphold our mission of educational excellence.

With the extension of remote learning through August 1, new challenges lie ahead. Some of our employees are facing financial hardships during a time of reduced work hours due to the pandemic. We know you share our concern for the safety and well-being of our Gamecock family during this difficult time.

To provide a means of assistance for employees who may be struggling with bills or urgent needs, we have established the UofSC COVID-19 Employee Emergency Relief Fund through the UofSC Educational Foundation. Nearly every area of our campus depends on employees who support the university in a variety of roles; some of those positions may not translate to remote work, meaning reduced hours and income. Heartfelt thanks to the faculty members who inspired the creation of this fund so that those employees will have somewhere to turn for help with pressing needs.  

Thank you for considering a gift to the UofSC COVID-19 Employee Emergency Relief Fund. As a united Gamecock family, we are strong enough to sustain each other through these trying times.


If you need to apply for assistance at this time, you can find the application here.

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